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More than 650 different types of cartridges made right here in the USA. We take special pride that our products are made with quality and the dedication of American Workers.
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Our staff is our success.
We take tremendous pride in our products but they would not exist with out our staff.   We also have the best service agents that can insure your satisfaction.   Let them go to work for you.   Just call 724-234-2721.
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We understand that every one doesn't work 9 to 5 and waiting to deal with a certain task at another time is also inconvenient.   Have a question, email it and we will answer at the next possible moment.   Have an account on file and need to order, just email what you need or use our online order form.    Online Order Form


We needed a cartridge ASAP. I dialed the phone and Marshall answered. No pressing 1, 2 or 3 for the right office or extension. He was able to ship that day and UPS brought us the cartridge the next morning. Great service and only took a minute. Who does that anymore?
How refreshing to call Customer Service and talk to someone right away instead of being on hold for 20 minutes. The cartridge for my HP Laserjet 5 worked great. Just like they said. I even thing I got a hundred or more pages out of it than I should.